"Shizu Kokoro (calm mind)" has refreshing taste yet remains good character of green tea.  It is tea ceremony quality and good for “Usucha Tea” secondary and a casual thin matcha tea served in a tea ceremony. It is original brand of Shizu Kokoro Chado School produced by Ishimoto Kawaguchi Ken, an old tea shop established in late 1800’s in Osaka City in Kansai region. The tea is used in Shizu Kokoro Chado School every day as well as in our 90 min. chado workshop for visitors.

Matcha "Shizu Kokoro" 50g 5 pack

¥7,500 通常価格
  • Shipping cost is 900 yen per shipping.  It will be sent out by Light Pack service by the Japanese Post Office. It is reasonable shipping cost and has a tracking serveice. It will take about 2 weeks avarage to be delivered. It could be earlier and somewhat later depending on the condition of each region. Cusom tax varies each country.