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Utensils for Bonryaku Demae

You can buy a set of main utensils required for Bonryaku Demae and good for lessons at a tea utensils speciality store, Kakinuma in Asakusa, Tokyo.



The position of the utensils during the process.JPG

1. Yamamichi Bon (a tray)

2. Chawan (a tea bowl)

Please choose from 7 selections.

3. Natsume (a tea powder container)

Please choose from 2 selections.

4. Chashaku (a bamboo tea scoop)

5. Chasen (a bamboo tea whisk)

6. Chakin (a white cloth)

Set price:  TBA

Please note that the size can be changed slightly since they are handmade.
The stock status would be changed constantly. Please send us an 
inquire to confirm availability. The shipping cost will differ according to each country. 

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