Utensils for Bonryaku Demae

You can buy a set of main utensils required for Bonryaku Demae at a tea utensils speciality store, Kakinuma in Asakusa, Tokyo.



The position of the utensils during the process.JPG

1. Yamamichi Bon (a tray)

2. Chawan (a tea bowl)

Please choose from 7 selections.

3. Natsume (a tea powder container)

Please choose from 2 selections.

4. Chashaku (a bamboo tea scoop)

5. Chasen (a bamboo tea whisk)

6. Chakin (a white cloth)

Set price:  XX yen 

Please note that the size can be changed slightly since they are handmade.
The stock status would be changed constantly. Please send us an 
inquire to confirm availability.